Rev. Jon Bradley


I am Rev. Jon Bradley. Throughout my journey, I have encountered the profound complexities of various religious beliefs and have witnessed the challenges they can present. This experience has galvanized my lifelong mission to extend a helping hand to others, ensuring that no one must endure suffering or lack. My ethos is deeply rooted in the Nine Noble Virtues, which guide my actions and interactions with the world. It is through these principles that I strive to make a positive impact on the lives of those around me.

Warm regards, Rev. Jon Bradley


Background: Embarking on an educational journey marked by solitude, I cultivated a profound self-discipline and a unique approach to learning. This independence was the bedrock upon which I built a diverse spiritual education, engaging with various covens and groups across the United States, each broadening my understanding of the complex tapestry of belief systems that enrich our society.

My upbringing within the Baptist tradition initially set me on a path towards ministry. However, a critical examination of its doctrines revealed a divergence from my core values. At sixteen, I found guidance in the SDCW-AT, an organization that provided me with invaluable insights and deepened my spiritual comprehension. My pursuit of knowledge led me to esteemed institutions like Williams University and Black River Tech, where I studied various fields to better serve others.

At forty-one, I joined the SDCW-ATC, dedicating two years to an organization that resonated with my principles until an ethical breach necessitated my departure. Like many others.  Since then, I have aligned myself with a group that, for valid personal reasons, remains anonymous. I have acquired degrees from different traditions, and I continue to seek knowledge that will empower me to assist others effectively.


At the age of 19, I faced a significant legal challenge that became a pivotal point in my life. This experience, while difficult, was part of a larger journey of personal growth and spiritual discovery that began in my teens. At 16, I chose to step away from the path of traditional ministry to explore a broader spectrum of spiritual beliefs, including those outside mainstream religion.

During a time of widespread misunderstanding and fear ( The Satanic Panic) of alternative spiritual practices, my pursuit of knowledge in these areas led to societal pushback and legal scrutiny (AKA THE HOLE). It was a period marked by intense pressure and isolation, which unfortunately led me to seek solace in ways that I later recognized were harmful.

However, these experiences have been instrumental in shaping my resolve to help others and advocate for understanding and acceptance of diverse spiritual paths. They have reinforced my commitment to living a life guided by the principles of integrity, compassion, and service to others. If you want more information please feel free to get in touch as I believe in complete honesty and openness.